Will get rid of traffic jam! The drone taxi took the first flight, just have to wait

Volocopter has made a drone taxi to get rid of traffic jams. The company is preparing to launch it commercially in two years. Preparations are on to present this flight during the Summer Olympic Games to be held in Paris. The company is working on making it automated.

Photo Credit: Volocopter

There is a lot of frustration after getting stuck in a traffic jam. At that time, I wish someone could fly through the air and cross the traffic jam. This thought is about to come true now. It doesn’t take much time either. For this, you just have to wait for two years.

An electric helicopter with multiple rotors made its first flight in Paris, the capital of France. Preparations are being made to launch it for commercial flight in the year 2024. It is being tested by the German company Volocopter.

Flying with a passenger

Volocopter has created an aircraft that looks like a large drone. It has 8 rotors. It took off with one passenger from Pontoise-Cormilles airfield outside Paris. It circled around for some time while other aircraft were also in the vicinity at that time.

Dirk Hoke, CEO of German company Volocopter, said that in the next 18 months, they will prepare Kraft for certification. He has expressed the hope that he will present the short launch commercial flight by the year 2024.

Preparing to present during the Summer Olympic Games

Preparations are on to present this flight during the Summer Olympic Games to be held in Paris. The company wants its two-seater aircraft to be fully automated. In this, the seating arrangement is being made for only one passenger.

But, the company has said that a lot more work needs to be done in terms of infrastructure, airspace integration, and public acceptance. Test pilot Paul Stone said the Kroft’s digital wire system and multiple rotors made it much easier to fly than a traditional helicopter.

Volocopter has joined the race for expensive air taxis with companies around the world such as Lilium, Joby Aviation, and Airbus. However, for this, you will have to wait for about 2 years now.

Flying bike

Recently the world’s first Flying Bike was seen flying in the air. The world’s first flying bike made its debut in America. The first airborne bike, the XTurismo, is a hoverbike. This bike was seen flying in the air at the Detroit Auto Show in 2022. Since then the video of this bike has become very viral on social media.

Let us tell you that the world’s first flying bike is XTURISMO, this unique bike is capable of flying in the air for 40 minutes. If we talk about its speed, then it can reach a speed of 62 mph. It was officially introduced in October 2021. This bike, which was first seen in America, has been named ‘Land Speeder for the Dark Side’.