Why is Akshay Kumar not working in HeraPheri 3? The actor told the real reason, apologized to the fans

For a long time news is coming that Karthik Aryan has replaced Akshay Kumar in the film HeraPheri 3. Now Khiladi Kumar has broken the silence by doing this. Akshay has confirmed that he has taken this decision because of the difference of opinion between the makers and himself.

Hera Pheri3

The discussions of the film Hera Pheri 3 are in full swing these days. The news came that the third film of the Hera Pheri franchise is going to be made soon. A big change has been made in this. This time Karthik Aryan will be a part of the film instead of Akshay Kumar. Since the arrival of the news, there has been a stir among the fans. Karthik was trolled, as well as questions were raised as to why Akshay is not becoming a part of HeraPheri 3. Now Bollywood player Akshay Kumar himself has given the answer to this question.

Why is Akshay not a part of the film?

Akshay Kumar has confirmed that he will not be a part of Hera Pheri 3. Along with this, he told that his decision has come because of the difference between the makers and his thinking. The actor talked about the film at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. He said, ‘Hera Pheri has been a part of me and I have happy memories attached to this film. I also feel sad that for so many years the film was not made, which means part 3 was not made. But I believe that we have to start thinking differently.

Further Akshay Kumar says, ‘I got the offer of the film and I was told about it. But I was not satisfied with the screenplay, script, and everything, I was not happy with it. I have to do what people want to see and that’s why I backed out. For me, it is a part of me, my life, and a very large part of my journey.

While ending his talk, he said, ‘I am also feeling very sad. I am also very sad that I am not able to do it. I am not happy with the way things have turned out. That’s why I have decided not to do it.’

Akshay Kumar apologized to the fans

After the news of Akshay Kumar’s absence in Hera Pheri 3 surfaced, fans started trending #No_Raju_no_Hera_ Pheri on Twitter. Akshay also talked about this. He said that he is sorry for not being able to do the film. The actor says, ‘As much as he is sad, I am also in it. This is very sad, but at the same time, thanks to him for trending this thing. I apologize to them (my fans) that I will not do Hera Pheri. Sorry.’