WhatsApp New Features Released Like Facebook-Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg Himself Gave Information

WhatsApp New Features: WhatsApp has once again released a new feature. The company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has given information about this. With this feature of WhatsApp, users can create customized digital avatars. This feature of WhatsApp is already available for Facebook and Instagram app users.

WhatsApp New Features

WhatsApp users can customize their customized digital avatars. Apart from this, they can choose a combination of outfits, hairstyles, and facial features. According to the report, the new WhatsApp Avatar can also be used as a profile photo.

WhatsApp users will have the option to choose from 36 custom stickers for avatar actions and emotions. After the avatar is created, WhatsApp users can also share it with their friends and family.

The company has said that in the coming time many new functionalities like lighting, hairstyle texture, shading, and other customization options will be added to it. This will increase the overall experience of the users.

WhatsApp Avatars feature has been released for the users. However, the company releases it in a phased manner. Because of this, this feature is not available on all devices simultaneously. However, when we tested this feature, it was available for us on WhatsApp iOS and Android.

It is very easy to use it. For this, you have to open WhatsApp and go to the sticker option. For this in Android, you have to tap on the emoji symbol in the chatbox. Whereas in iOS the sticker option is in the chat box itself.

After this, you have to go to the option of Avatars and create a new avatar. In this, you can create an avatar by customizing hairstyle, facial and other options. The app will also use the front camera for a more realistic avatar. After creating the avatar, save it.