Same-sex marriage bill passed in US Senate:

President Biden will make it law before January

US President Joe Biden said that love is love. Every person has the right to love.

Same-sex marriage

This bill was introduced in the House of Representatives in July.

Biden’s Democratic Party leader Chuck Schumer described the passage of the bill as an important step for America’s LGBTQ community.

The Republican Party won a majority in the House of Representatives in the recently held mid-term elections.

Same-sex marriage legal in 32 countries

According to The Guardian’s report, homosexuality is not considered a crime in 120 countries of the world, but only 32 countries currently allow marriage between the same sex.

Talking about the legal status of gay marriage, there are 3 types of countries in the world-


The country that has allowed same-sex marriage.


Countries where same-sex relationships are allowed, but same-sex marriage is not allowed.


The country where both gay relations and gay marriage are banned.