Twitter Blue subscription may come back soon after the controversy, Elon Musk said this

Twitter Blue Subscription feature may return. Elon Musk has given information about this. It has been told that Elon Musk has said that Twitter Blue can be released next week. The company banned it after the fake accounts were verified.

Twitter Blue Subscription

Twitter has currently stopped the blue tick subscription plan. This decision was taken when by taking advantage of this feature of the company, fake accounts also took Blue Tick. After that, he started spreading fake news. Due to this many companies also suffered heavy losses.

But, now a new report is being told that Twitter Blue will be restarted. The company can start it from next week. The charge for this will remain the same as before at $ 8 per month. Musk himself has given information about this.

Actually, a Twitter user had asked him when Twitter Blue would be started again. In response to this, he said that this feature is expected to return by next week. The company on Friday stopped the Twitter Blue subscription feature after fake accounts got blue ticks.

After the first long process, the selected people used to get a blue tick

Earlier, it was necessary to be a public figure i.e. politician, actor, or journalist for Twitter Blue Tick. People had to go through a lengthy verification process, only after which their Twitter account could be verified.

But, with the Twitter Blue feature, people started taking blue ticks on their accounts by paying a subscription charge. Taking advantage of this, people started making fake tweets by creating fake accounts for popular companies. Those companies had to bear a lot of loss due to this.

Let us tell you that the company started this feature in the US, UK, and other countries on November 9. Its price was kept at $ 7.99. With this, the verified badge was given to the users for free.