Shadow Tattoo Craze In FIFA World Cup 2022: Messi Got Wife’s Lips Tattooed On His Waist

Tattoo Craze In FIFA World Cup 2022

Tattoo Craze In FIFA World Cup 2022: The whole world is currently in the craze for the Football World Cup. The final of this world’s most popular game going on in Qatar will be played on 18 December.

In FIFA World Cup 2022, along with enjoying exciting matches, people are also getting tattoos of their favorite players. Some want to get tattoos like Messi and some like Neymar.

Do you know why players get tattoos done on different body parts?

These tattoos give different messages, so their benefits are also different. Where the tattoos made in the hands increase the oxygen level, then the tattoos made under the knee increase the stamina. Many tattoos are also made for good luck.

But ever wondered why sportsmen are crazy about tattoos? Not only football, players associated with many sports including cricket, hockey, and archery also get tattoos done. What is the connection between players and tattoos, today they understand this in sports?

Tattoos increase oxygen levels and stamina and reduce stress

Tattoos are always made on acupoints, but instead of getting tattooed by machine, tattooing should be done by hand with the help of a needle. This is called tattooing which is an age-old practice and technique.

The tattoos made at certain points also help the players a lot. For example, if a tattoo is made below the knees, then it increases stamina. Many players take injections of steroids to increase stamina, but if acupressure or tattooing is done at this point, it will increase stamina naturally.

Similarly, many players have back problems, then tattoos can be made at the cycle point. If the tattoo is done on the arm, then it keeps the level of oxygen in the body right.

If someone has stress or depression, then there is an ‘Agya Chakra’ on the forehead, the tattoo should be made there. This will remove stress.

Some studies consider it the best way to reduce stress. This reduces the stress hormone named cortisol in the body. Simultaneously, adrenaline and endorphin hormones begin to be released. Due to this even this painful process starts giving pleasure to the people.

Before proceeding further, let us tell you that evidence of tattoos was found in ancient Egypt, read the graphics:

tattoos was found in ancient Egypt

Tattoo also keeps the immune system healthy

Tattooing has been considered acupuncture in ancient Chinese medicine. A study in the American General of Human Biology found that tattoos keep the immune system healthy. By getting tattooed, antibodies are formed in the body, which increases immunity.

This is a matter of the hobby of the players and the trend of tattooing, but do you know that there are many types of trends and beliefs about tattoos around the world, before that we will know who was the first person in the world to get tattooed.

61 tattoos were made on the body of the first tattooed man

Journal of Cultural Heritage: In 1991 two tourists found a climber’s mummy in a glacier near Italy. According to researchers, this mummy is more than 5300 years old.

61 tattoos of geometric shapes have been found on this mummy. It was named Otzi Iceman.

Tattoos are used for many purposes in the world

  • The word tattoo is derived from the Samoan language “tatau”, which means to strike.
  • Evidence of tattoos found among Austronesian people living in Taiwan and China in 1500 BC
  • During World War I, Nazi soldiers used to make special number tattoos on the hands of prisoners according to the prison.
  • Slaves in the Roman Empire were tattooed on their foreheads like ‘fugitive’ and ‘tax collector’
  • Tattoo is used as a cosmetic in America to make the brow thick or mole

The practice of saving the tattoos of family members after their departure

In America, there has been a growing trend among people to preserve the tattoos of their loved ones. He wants to frame the tattoo made on his body in his memory. According to the National Funeral Directors Association of America, all 49 states of America, except Washington, have permission to preserve the tattoos of their family members.

The New York Times was interviewed by Kyle Sherwood of Save My Ink Forever. In this, he told that on receiving the order, the company sends some essential items to the funeral home.

The funeral worker is instructed to remove the tattooed skin from that part of the body to keep the tattoo safe. That part of the skin is then sent to the company’s headquarters in Ohio where it is mounted in the glass frame used in the museum. This process takes 5 months. The cost of getting a small tattoo framed comes up to Rs 1.5 lakh.

One player in all the football teams is famous as the ‘Tattoo King’. Let us know which star footballer has made which tattoo and what their tattoos say.

Lionel Messi Lips Tattoo: Messi has their wife’s lips made on their waist


Argentina’s most popular football player Lionel Messi has fans of both sports and tattoos all over the world. Every tattoo made on his body has a connection with his family. The first tattoo he got on his back was a portrait of his mother, Celia. He has his son’s hand and name tattooed on his left leg. On this leg, he also got a tattoo of the number 10, the number he wears on the jersey.

He has tattooed the names of his three sons and their date of birth on his right leg. He has a tattoo of Jesus Christ on his shoulder. Not only this, he has a tattoo of red colored lips on his waist which shows his wife’s kiss.

Ederson’s tattoos show his exhilaration

Ederson's tattoos

Brazilian goalkeeper Ederson has also got many tattoos done on his body. A rose and a skull are made on his neck. In an interview, while talking about his tattoo, he said that these tattoos are emojis which show that I am a happy person.

Tattooing is a passion for him. He also has a tattoo of wings on his back and a trophy on his leg.

40 tattoos including their mother’s and sister’s faces on Neymar’s body

Brazilian footballer Neymar has made 40 tattoos. Among them, the tattoo made on his arms is very special. This player has tattooed the face of his sister and mother on his body.

Memphis Depay’s tattoo tells – he is a lion-hearted person

Memphis Depay's tattoo

Dutch football Memphis Depay is called the ‘King of Tattoos’. He has got a lion tattooed all over his back. he told in one of his interviews that this tattoo shows that he is a lion-hearted person.

Support your favorite player with a tattoo

A tattoo shows the thinking and personality of a person. Nowadays young generation is liking to get a geometrical tattoo done but ever since the FIFA world cup started people are coming to make football or to support their favorite player to get their name or tattoo done. Portraits of young players are also made. Some even want to make a trophy.

Sports are always full of excitement and every player on the field of play looks aggressive from time to time. The tattoo is also associated with aggressiveness in the spirit of the game.

Tattoo aftercare: Tips and instructions

  • Do not donate blood for 12 months
  • Risk of Hepatitis B and C
  • Protect tattoos from sunlight
  • Avoid swimming for a few days
  • Apply moisturizer to the tattooed area

Tattooing to stay in the public eye

By the way, there is no relation between tattoos and aggression. Yes, if a person is a victim of Impulsive Behavior Disorder, then he needs everything immediately. This makes a person aggressive and getting a tattoo makes him happy. But if we talk about the players, then they always want to remain in the public eye. They need both shows off and praise.

Players want people to follow them. He became a role model for the people. In such a situation, their tattoos also remain in the media and are also the center of attraction among the people. At the same time, his fans also go to get tattoos like him.

Some players also show off. Many players get their special person’s face or name written on their bodies. It may be that the common man does not understand the need to show it in public, but the players want to tell their loved ones about both their choice and love.

Feeling powerful, good luck factor, and culture are also reasons for tattoos

It is not necessary that every player gets tattooed to show off or remain in the headlines. Tattoo artists agree that athletes have different reasons for getting tattoos.

Some get tattooed to feel powerful while some get it done for good luck. Some players come from a country or society where it is customary to tattoo their country, team, family, or god.