Increasing Indiscriminate firing in America: 10 countries including Britain told their loved ones – America is no longer as safe as before

Indiscriminate firing in America: America has been issuing advisories to its citizens from time to time regarding incidents of terrorism and anarchy in other countries. In this, different levels of advice are given regarding travel. But its friendly countries are also worried about the frequent shooting incidents there. This concern is clearly visible in his advisory.

Indiscriminate firing in America
There have been 617 shooting incidents in the US this year.

It is said in the advisory that now America has become more violent than before. However, tourists are not targeted. But caution is called for. Countries issuing advisory include about 10 countries including America’s friendly countries Australia, Japan, France, Canada, Britain, and Israel.

Japan is teaching the tricks of survival when trapped in shooting incidents

Australia- Active shooter drill is being advised to those going to America. People are told that there is the freedom to keep arms in America. Shooting can happen anywhere.

Canada- Tells its people that tourists are not targets, but can be caught in the wrong places. Avoid drug trafficking, and criminals while crossing the US-Mexico border by car.

UK- Advice to be careful about shooting in unfamiliar areas, and avoid going out alone at night.

Japan- If you are caught in the crossfire, you are told how to escape.

Israel- Alerts about terrorist incidents. Although it is normal.

New Zealand- Asks citizens to keep complete information about the area they want to visit.

France- Warns its citizens traveling to the US about incidents of carjackings and urban areas in the US.

Germany- Tells citizens that gun use is high in America. In such a situation, stay away from gatherings and police clashes.

Mexico- Citizens are advised to carry a passport, or photo ID at all times.

India did not issue an advisory, the US has issued 4 alerts this year
A large number of people go to America from India. In recent years, India has not issued any specific advisory to those going to America. On the other hand, the US has been cautioning its citizens about visiting India. It had last issued an advisory on terror incidents and crime in October. Then he advised avoiding traveling to Jammu and Kashmir. He has issued advisory 4 times this year.