Golden Blood(Rhnull): Only 45 out of 800 crore people have golden blood: Why is this blood group rare?

Golden Blood(Rhnull): The population of humans in the world is 800 crores. Generally, 8 types of blood groups are found in the body of most humans – A+, A-, B+, B-, O+, O-, AB+, AB-, but one such blood group has come to be known, which Only 45 people have it in their bodies. The name of this blood group is ‘Golden Blood’.

Have you also heard the name of this blood group for the first time? If ‘yes’ then know everything about this blood group through 7 questions…

First of all, know about the blood groups found in the human body in graphics…

golden blood

Question- 1: What is Golden Blood Group?

Answer: Golden blood is a rare ie rare blood group found in the human body. Another name for this blood group is Rhnull. This blood found in the body of only 45 people in the world can be transfused into the body of humans with any blood group. The blood of this group is found in very few people, which is why this blood group is considered rare.

Question- 2: Why Rhnull is called the golden blood group?

Answer: Even though this blood group has been found in the body of 45 people in the world, its donors are still only 9 people in the world. This means that there are 36 people with the golden blood group who are either not in a position to donate their blood or are not ready to donate their blood voluntarily.

In such a situation, the cost of one drop of blood in this blood group is more than one gram of gold. For this reason, it has been named the Golden Blood Group.

Question- 3: Why golden blood is called Rhnull?

Answer: Golden blood is called Rhnull because this blood is found in the body of the same person, whose Rh factor is null.

Now you must be wondering what is this Rh factor and null. Actually, blood in our body is made up of 3 types of cells- 1. Red blood cell 2. White blood cell 3. Platelets.

Which is the blood group of our body, it is known on the basis of two things…

1. Antibody: The protein present in the white blood cell is called.

2. Antigen: The protein present in the red blood cell is called.

Rh is a protein present on the surface of red blood cells. In the body of a common man, this Rh is either positive or negative. But, the person who has golden blood in his body, his body’s Rh is neither positive nor negative. This means that the Rh factor in their body is null.

Question- 4: Why golden blood is found in the body of only a few people?

Answer: Golden blood group is caused by a genetic mutation. This is usually due to the mutation of the RHAG gene in the body of such people. There are mainly two reasons for the presence of these blood groups in the human body…

  • Due to genetic mutation, it is transferred from one generation to another.
  • According to the National Library of Medicine website, marriages between cousins, siblings, or close or distant relatives also increase the likelihood of children having golden blood.

Question- 5: Where was the golden blood seen for the first time?

Answer: According to the National Library of Medicine website, for the first time in 1961, this blood group was found in the body of an Australian Aboriginal woman.

After this, a detailed report was prepared by Dr. GH Voz of Australia’s King Edward Memorial Hospital and his colleagues.

This report was published in the journal of the Pakistan Medical Association this year. Earlier doctors believed that babies without the Rh antigen could not be born alive.

The golden blood

Question- 6: Is there any danger for those with the golden blood group?

Answer: People with the golden blood group lack hemoglobin in their bodies. Because of this, there is a risk of yellowness and reduction of red blood cells in the body. Most people with this blood group have been found to be victims of anemia. Experts believe that if both the mother and the unborn child have golden blood in their bodies, then the chances of miscarriage increase. Such people are also more likely to have kidney failure.

Question- 7: Is there any other rare blood group like the golden blood group?

Answer: Yes, just like the golden blood group, there is another rare blood group called the Bombay blood group. According to Dr. Vivek Ranjan, Blood Bank charge of Gangaram Hospital, there are some sugar molecules in the red blood cells present in our blood, which determine the blood group of a person. Sugar molecules are not made in people of the Bombay blood group, so they do not have capital H antigen and they do not come in any blood group.

golden blood

Kumari Ankita, in charge of the Bombay blood group at Sankalp India Foundation, says about this blood group that one person in 10,000 people in India is found to be of this blood group. In such a situation, it is considered a very rare blood group.