Fifa World Cup 2022: Alcohol, short clothes, and sex… these strange rules are there in Football World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2022 is starting on 20 November. Hosts Qatar will face Ecuador in the opening match. The organizers have made very strict rules for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Football fans may also have to go to jail for not following these rules.

Fifa World Cup 2022

The world’s biggest football tournament FIFA World Cup 2022 is starting on the 20th (Sunday) of this month. This time the Football World Cup is going to be organized by Qatar, for which complete preparations have been done. The opening match of the tournament is to be held between the hosts Qatar and Ecuador.

Along with the players, lakhs of fans from all over the world are reaching Qatar for this mega event. In such a situation, it is also necessary for them to have complete knowledge of the rules before visiting this country. Qatar has made very strict rules regarding the Football World Cup. If you do not follow these rules, you may have to pay a fine as well as go to jail.

No entry without Hayya Card

Fans coming to Qatar will have to apply for Hayya Card. Hayya card is a kind of ID card through which one can travel anywhere in Qatar. Those who have this card will be able to travel by metro and bus for free. With this card, there will be no need for a visa to enter Qatar. Hayya card holders can stay in Qatar till 23 January. This card is made in 3-4 days.

These rules regarding alcohol

Organizers said alcohol will be served at licensed restaurants and several hotels across the country and will be made available in fan zones at designated times. Liquor sales in fan zones can be less expensive than in hotels. Bringing alcohol into Qatar is prohibited. Residents here are allowed to buy liquor from specialized shops for domestic use. That’s why there will be a ban on the drinking of tourists outside the fan zone. If someone breaks these laws, then he will have to pay a fine of about 67 thousand rupees. There will also be a ban on smoking e-cigarettes.

Got an exemption in vaccination

Kovid-19 vaccination is not mandatory to go to Qatar, but anyone aged six or above will have to show a negative RTPCR report of Kovid-19 at the airport before leaving for Qatar. This report of the RTPCR test should not be 48 hours ago. If someone has got an antigen test done then it should not be older than 24 hours.

Rules regarding sexuality

Relationship between non-married women and men is considered a crime in Qatar. In such a situation, instructions have been given not to give hotel rooms to non-married couples. Homosexuality is criminalized in Qatar. Violation of this may result in a jail term. If a fan tries to bring pork meat or a sex toy, he can also be jailed.

The dress code will also have to be taken care of

Qatar’s official tourism website has asked visiting tourists to respect its culture. Female fans have been asked to cover their shoulders and knees. Instructions have also been given to wear long skirts or trousers in public places. Men cannot wear jeans that do not cover the knee. Along with this, there will be a ban on wearing dresses with objectionable slogans.

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