Musk vs Cook: Apple threatens Elon Musk! Is The ‘Tesla Smartphone’ coming to market?

Musk vs Cook: Elon Musk has made a big allegation about Apple. Musk has said that there has been a threat to remove the Twitter app from the App Store. Apple has not even given the reason behind this. In such a situation, is the ‘Tesla Smartphone’ going to be launched in the market soon?


Twitter’s new boss Elon Musk seems not happy with Apple’s policy. They are angry with the policy and tax rules of the Apple App Store. Tesla CEO Musk has accused Apple of threatening to remove the Twitter App from the App Store. But, the reason for this has not been given.

Earlier, Musk had asked Apple why it has stopped advertising on the social media platform. After this tweet, many fans and followers of Musk started the campaign of free speech on the platform.

However, it is not yet clear how true the allegations against Apple are and if it is true then why the company has talked about removing Twitter from the App Store? The company’s statement is yet to come on this. But, according to reports, Elon Musk is preparing to launch the Tesla smartphone.

Musk has already spoken about the new phone

Earlier, Musk had said that if Twitter is removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, he will make his own smartphone. However, he did not express the possibility of this. But, the way the dispute with Apple is happening, we can soon see Tesla in the phone market.

However, the name of this phone may be different. Right now most of the world’s smartphones either come with the Android operating system or with Apple’s iOS. In such a situation, Musk’s plan may be to launch the phone with the new operating system.

In such a situation, if the dispute continues to grow and Twitter is removed from the Apple App Store, then billionaire Musk can work on the new phone launch. At present, there is no preparation regarding the Tesla phone. But, if the situation arises, a new competitor will be ready for Android and iOS in the market.