Elon Musk Twitter Poll: Will Donald Trump return to Twitter? About one million users are voting on Musk’s poll every hour

Elon Musk Twitter Poll: Elon Musk has done a poll on Twitter, on which about one million users are voting every hour. The poll is linked to former US President Donald Trump. Musk has questioned the removal of the ban from Donald Trump’s Twitter accounts in the poll, to which a large number of people are responding.

Elon Musk Twitter Poll

After the entry of Elon Musk, many major decisions related to Twitter are being taken. There is also a decision to remove the ban from the account of former US President Donald Trump. Although Musk had already indicated this before the Twitter deal, now he has officially announced it. At present, he is not restoring the account of the former US President.

Rather Musk has done a poll. Elon Musk has polled and asked people whether former US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account should be brought back. This pole of Musk is very much discussed. Till the time of writing this news, more than 94 lakh people have voted on this poll and now 12 hours are left for this poll.

Tremendous response from people on the poll
Talking about the results of the poll, about 52.5 percent of people answered yes, while 47.5 percent of people answered no. Thousands of people have retweeted this post of Musk till the time of writing the news. There are a lot of likes and comments on this post. Musk has already indicated bringing back Trump’s account.

Not only Trump but many other users whose accounts were banned can also be restored. The Twitter account of the former US President was banned early last year. After Trump’s defeat in the 2020 US election, his fans created a lot of uproars, after which Twitter banned his account.

Trump was banned not only on Twitter but on other platforms
Not only Twitter but other social media platforms also banned Trump’s accounts on their platforms. After this Donald Trump launched his social media app Truth Social. Trump had already indicated that even if Elon Musk brings back his account after the Twitter deal, he will not return to the platform.

Vijaya Gadde had decided to ban the account!
It is believed that the decision to ban Trump’s account was taken by the then policy head Vijaya Gadde. Vijaya has also been Musk’s target since the beginning and Vijaya Gadde was also included in the people who were fired in the beginning as soon as the Twitter deal was done. Elon Musk has also targeted Vijaya Gadde on the public platform.



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