Christmas Tree Decorations: Have you noticed that there is a Christmas tree in your body too?

Christmas Tree Decorations: Christmas is about to come and we know you are looking for new ideas to decorate the Christmas tree but do you know that Christmas tree-like structures are present in our body? Which also shines. But you can’t see them. Special equipment is needed to see them. You must be feeling strange hearing all this but it is true. Let us tell you how this is possible. How a glowing Christmas tree appears in your body.

Christmas tree in your body
Image Source: Matheus Victor / Twitter

Christmas Day is a joyous festival that we celebrate every year with friends and family. We decorate the Christmas tree only on Christmas. The strong green color looks amazing in red light. Did you know that our body also has cells that produce different colors (like green and red) to make a Christmas tree? The picture you are seeing is taken from the tweet of a scientist. Scientists use a microscope to see these cells in action. Let us tell you what is the real story of this whole process.

Mathias Victor, who created the Christmas tree of the human body, is doing the HHMI Hanna Gray Postdoc Fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His field of work is neurodegeneration and stem cell biology. In his slide, he transplanted iPS (Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells) derived microglia-like cells into brain organoids. After this, the view is in front of you. Red-colored microglia cells were seen floating among the green-colored brain organoids. These cells were colored with different colored lights to show the difference.

Actually, microglia cells are being studied by mixing them with brain organoids. Due to this, efforts are being made to provide relief to people around the world from mental illnesses. iPS-derived microglia cells are taken from our skin or blood cells. They are reprogrammed. As in the beginning when they were developing in the embryo. Means pluripotent state. A condition when these microglia can turn into any type of cell.

The microglia cells present in the pluripotent state inside the embryo are like gods. It can turn into any type of cell. It can take any form. If it is mixed with damaged brain organoids, then many diseases related to the brain can be cured. For example, damaged brain cells associated with Alzheimer’s, and brain stroke can be repaired. iPS microglia are a kind of stem cell that can do anything well. That is, from these cells, a person can make any type of cell, which can be used in different types of treatment.

Microglia are actually resident immune cells present in our body. Which are found in our central nervous system. It is they who develop our minds. That is, microglia make up the most important part of our body. These cells prevent infections in the brain. Apart from this, they help in preventing any kind of inflammation in the body. Especially their work is to keep the mind healthy.

microglia cells
Image Source: Frontiers Journal

Microglia are highly active, fast-moving, constantly circulating cells. She keeps on checking his health by constantly roaming around in his mind. When any problem is seen, it is immediately started to rectify it. If these cells decrease or end, then the human brain starts struggling with many diseases. That’s why the use of these cells is very important for the body.

In the future, with the help of microglia stem cells, humans will be able to cure many diseases of the body and mind. Because experiments are going on all over the world regarding this. Often the reports of their successes keep coming. That’s why it is a happy cell. Which is necessary to stay in the body. This means the festival of Christmas is in your body only.