ChatGPT: New Age Search Engine, Capability Far Beyond Google Search, It’s The Future

ChatGPT: Why are the creators of Gmail saying that Google will be out of business in a couple of years? Are people afraid to buy shares of tech companies because of the arrival of ChatGPT? Is ChatGPT the Google of the future or will this tool be bigger than Google one day?


Have you ever wondered what’s next for Google? Since no search engine has come to compete with Google, nor is any such search engine emerging in the coming time. This isn’t happening because innovation has died, but it’s because the way Google Search works is out of date.

Now there is such a tool in front of you that does not confuse you by just giving links on your search, but gives such an answer to your every question, after which you do not have to go anywhere else for the answer to that question. Whatever the question may be, whatever it may be… why only the question? You can also get your important work done with this tool.

For almost a decade, the way Google search works is more or less the same. You do some search on Google and you get the link to websites from all over the world present on the internet and you have to do the further work yourself. Even though it gives you all kinds of search results, in the future the existence of search engines like Google may be completely erased.

Google started in 1998, but even before that, there have been many search engines. Yahoo is a great example that Google replaced. Now 2023 is about to come and if you now think that a search engine like Google will come to compete with Google, then you are wrong. Because when the world has gone so far in terms of innovation, then why should your method of searching be 10 years old?


The way you search and the way the search engine works is also going to change or rather it has changed in a way and the Google search killer has entered… Its name is ChatGPT… (Generative Pre trained transformer).

Gmail’s creator Paul Buchheit himself is also believing that within a year or two, Google’s game is going to get worse. Paul has said, ‘Google is just a year or two away from total disruption’

ChatGPT became available to the public on 30th November and since then the shares of Google and Microsoft started selling rapidly, but why? Keep reading further… you will get the idea.

After using ChatGPT continuously for several days and exploring it in a better way, I feel that now a solid rival of Google search is getting ready. Future or Next Generation Search?

Although the use of ChatGPT is still limited, the way it has been prepared and the popularity it has gathered in just one week, it is clear that its arrival has increased the challenge of the Google search team.

ChatGPT is doing all that Google has not been able to do so far…

Although ChatGPT is just a chatbot, its potential is much more than a chatbot and even a search engine. You can guess this from the fact that the work which you cannot do in hours on Google search, ChatGPT does in a few minutes or a few seconds.

Google has been number 1 in the search engine space for many years. Have to ask any question, generally, people search Google. Sometimes you get the right answers on Google, but sometimes you don’t even get the answers.

For example, you have to write a cover letter for a job or mail it to the boss for leave. A Google search will turn up templates, but not custom cover letters or holiday emails customized specifically for you.

ChatGPT can not only create a cover letter and leave mail for you, but also write a song on your given topic. If you want to dedicate Nazm to someone, then he will also do ChatGPT for you.


With Chat GPT, people are even preparing scripts for their YouTube videos. Not only this, but if there is no idea of the video, then ChatGPT is also doing this work very well.

Chat GPT has gathered a lot of headlines for the last few weeks. Within a few days, it has got a million users. On one hand, people are calling him the messiah of humans, on the other hand, there are people who are considering him a big threat to humanity.

Chat GPT actually gives you very accurate answers to maximum questions. You can find the answers to many such questions whose answers are impossible to find anywhere on the Internet on Chat GPT.

The way Chat GPT works is quite different from Google Search…

Now if I say that the answers to your questions on ChatGPT are not available through the internet. That is, Chat GPT does not search the Internet to answer your questions.

ChatGPT is such a unique example of artificial intelligence that by using it you can imagine how important artificial intelligence is going to play in the world in the coming times.

You need the internet to access ChatGPT, that’s right. But this tool does not search the internet for the answer to your question, rather you get the answer only from the data fed into it.

Now you will think that what has been fed in this tool so that it can answer your questions by itself. So let us tell you that to train ChatGPT, the developers have collected publicly available data and fed it.


The data fed in it is text-based and is taken from books, web text, Wikipedia, and other articles. It is said that about 570GB of data and about 300 billion words have been fed into this tool.

Engineers from Open AI have trained ChatGPT. It has been trained through Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF). Billions of words have been fed into it and human AI trainers have taught it spoken language. It has also been prepared in the same way as two people talking to each other.

ChatGPT’s training ended in early 2022, so you can’t get information after 2021 from here.

What can ChatGPT do with Google Search what Google Search did with Yahoo?

One thing is clear ChatGPT cannot replace Google search. But users of Google search will decrease rapidly if ChatGPT starts working with its full power.

Will it compete with Google? Yes and no! This is because the way Google and ChatGPT work is completely different. This tool can give competition to Google in terms of question and answer, but Google has no competition in overall search.

Google is a search engine that brings you information from indexed websites and other sources on the Internet. For example, if you ask Google to make a cover letter for you to apply for that job. In such a situation, Google will give you the result of those websites where cover letter templates will be found. But ChatGPT will make you a cover letter based on the nature of your job.

Similarly, if you ask Google to write something on any one topic or ask you to write a song on any topic, then Google will not do this work. Google will give you links to those websites from where you can search and collect information. While ChatGPT will also write you a song on your mentioned topic and also write a story on something.


Google may understand your search patterns, but ChatGPT also has a solid memory. This means slowly ChatGPT will start understanding you. Based on your questions and answers, behavior and interest, ChatGPT will get stronger day by day and you will get even better answers.

One specialty of ChatGPT is that this tool gives you answers in very colloquial language, whereas Google cannot do this work. For example, you can ask ChatGPT how to explain quantum physics to a small child. ChatGPT will explain Quantum Physics with examples in very easy colloquial language.

How big a threat is ChatGPT to humanity?

Dynamite was invented to break mountains, but now dynamite is also used for violence. In such a situation, if something is made for a good purpose, then there are chances that it may be misused. The same is the case with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT can also be misused. Even though Open AI claims that ChatGPT does not answer any question that contains violence or is illegal. But since it is an artificial intelligence-based tool and AI sometimes tricks humans too. The same is the case with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT does not answer direct questions regarding violence or illegal acts. But if you go around it and ask about illegal activities or violence, then its answer is also found here.

Will ChatGPT replace humans?

it’s not like that at all! Even when computers were being started, it was said that humans would become unemployed with the advent of computers, but this did not happen. It is sure that after the introduction of this tool, many companies can reduce manpower for cost-cutting, but this is also illegal or wrong in a way.

If humans use this tool to bring perfection and creativity to their work, then the result will be better.

Does ChatGPT have any disadvantages or drawbacks?

ChatGPT may be an artificial intelligence-based tool, but the data fed in it has been fed by humans. For example, if you ask ChatGPT about world events after 2021, you will not get an answer. Because only data before 2021 has been fed into it.

There are many other limitations of ChatGPT. He can write fiction, but not at the human level. He can write poems, and he can write stories, but he cannot match the level of humans.

If you want, you can get the script written for the news with it, but many mistakes will be found in it and facts can also be found wrong. Therefore you cannot blindly follow any script or answer written by ChatGPT. Because I have found many times that it misrepresents many facts on different topics.

Where did ChatGPT come from? Who is behind this?

San Francisco (USA) based company Open AI has developed ChatGPT. In my opinion, this company is doing great work in the field of Artificial Intelligence for many years and other AI-based companies are not far away in front of it.

Open AI has not only created ChatGPT but also has many free AI-based tools that users can access from Open AI’s website. Recently a tool named Dall E has become quite popular. Dall E actually creates images and creatives based on the text you provide.

For example, you can tell Dall E to prepare a graphic of a cat with wings and it is flying in the air. You can make any kind of graphics with Dall E according to your imagination. It only takes a few seconds. However, sometimes it does not work properly. But this tool of Open AI is also proof that this company has gone a long way in the field of AI and is continuously doing such experiments.

Elon Musk’s name is also associated with this company. In fact, in 2015, Sam Altman and Elon Musk along with some other AI researchers started Open AI as an organization. However, later Elon Musk separated from this company.

Robot lawyer ready till…

ChatGPT will not only be used by individuals but it can be used in almost every sector from publishers and sellers. Even thanks to the GPT 3 model and Open AI, a startup named DoNotPlay has made a big claim to create the world’s first robot lawyer. This AI robot will make it easier for people to fight cases in court.

There is no doubt that there are many threats from AI, but isn’t there a threat from Google? By searching Google, people find ways from making bombs to committing suicide. That’s why to say that a tool like ChatGPT can be dangerous in the long run, I think it is not correct. Yes, it is definitely that there should be some guidelines for to use of this model and the company should make sure that it does not harm people.