America Mid-Term Election: Trump’s Republican Party ahead, Biden will not be able to take big decisions if he loses

Mid-term elections are going on in America. This election is a litmus test for President Biden and former President Donald Trump. Its results will directly affect the 2024 presidential election. In simple words, on the basis of the votes of the people, the President’s candidature is decided and then the President is elected.

However, this is in 2024. Here we are giving information about these mid-term elections. According to the New York Times report, the Republican Party has won 207 seats in the House of Representatives. 218 seats are needed for the majority. At the same time, the Democratic Party has won only 189 seats. In such a situation, if Biden and his Democratic Party lose a majority in these mid-term elections, then they will be greatly weakened.

In other words, Biden will again be president in the name. To take every major decision, he will have to rely on the opposition in Parliament i.e. Donald Trump’s Republican Party. Because whichever party wins, that is, the party which has more members in Parliament, that party dominates. The same party plays a more important role in making laws.

Mid-term elections

Parliament has a look at the work of both the houses

The House of Representatives decides which laws will be voted on. The Senate then approves or blocks those laws. Along with this, the Senate confirms the people appointed by the President. Even the Senate conducts investigations against the President when necessary.

Biden’s party has been weak in the Senate so far

For the past two years, President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party has been a majority in the House of Representatives with 221 seats. But, there was a close contest in the Senate. Here the Republican Party has 50 seats and the Democratic Party has 48 seats. Two independent seats remained in support of the Biden government. That’s why the elections this time are nothing less than a litmus test for Biden.


If Republican wins, the case against Trump ends

If Biden’s Democratic Party wins in the midterm election, he will be able to advance his climate change, health care program. Apart from this, they can save from the end of the right to abortion. Also, strict laws can be brought against gun violence. But if Donald Trump’s Republican Party wins, it will put an end to Biden’s agenda. Apart from this, he will have control of the investigative committee. With this, he will be able to end the ongoing investigation in the US Capitol violence case on 6 January 2021.


Biden’s Democratic Party lags behind Trump’s Republican

The primaries for the US election took place in May 2022. During the primary, the candidates of both the major parties go to the public and on the basis of popularity again get candidature in their own party. In this, Trump’s party was ahead of Biden’s party.


According to the report of The Hill, Biden’s party may face defeat in the mid-term election. This is being said because Biden’s popularity has decreased in the last few months. They are being held responsible for inflation, corona mismanagement, and increased fuel prices. In such a situation, Trump’s party will dominate the Parliament. Based on this, he will clearly stand for the presidential election to be held in 2024.

Trump may make an official announcement to contest the 2024 election on November 14


At a rally in Sioux City, Trump made it clear that he plans to run for the US presidential election to be held in 2024. He said- To make the country safe, I can stand for re-election. All I want to say is that you all get ready. Even before this, in an interview, he had said – Many people will be happy by my contesting elections. Everyone wants me to stand in the election. I have more popularity. I am also ahead in all kinds of polls and surveys conducted on the Presidential candidate.

Biden’s party looking for a new face for 2024


On the one hand, where Trump is making up his mind to stand again in the presidential election, on the other hand, Biden’s party does not want him to run for re-election. In May 2022, Biden’s own party approval rating dropped from 9% to just 73%. The party is looking for a new face. Even Democratic Committee member Steve Simonides says that Biden should announce not to run for 2024 only after the midterm election. Biden will turn 82 in the next presidential election. Biden’s opponents say that at this age it will be difficult for him to run against a leader like Trump.

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