9 Reasons And Solutions Why Your Smart Kid Is Getting Bad Grades

9 Reasons And Solutions Why Your Smart Kid Is Getting Bad Grades: Most people in the world understand only one meaning of being intelligent: scoring high marks and cracking competitive exams.

9 Reasons And Solutions Why Your Smart Kid Is Getting Bad Grades

There are actually nine types of intelligence: verbal and linguistic intelligence, mathematical-logical intelligence, musical, visual-spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, inter-personal, intra-personal, naturalistic, and existential intelligence: many of which are learned during schooling. Testing is also not done.

Well, there can be many reasons for a bright student to get fewer marks in the exam. Let us look at some of the important reasons for them.

9 reasons for poor exam scores of intelligent children

1- Lack of will-power

This is probably the biggest reason for smart kids not getting good marks. Having intelligence is not everything, there should also be a willingness to use intelligence to get more marks. Maybe the student wants to do something else and doesn’t put as much importance on test scores.

Solution: Willpower can be created in the student for this by telling the benefits of getting good marks.

2- Lack of motivation

We have all heard, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Intelligent students get bored with things very quickly, because after a point anything stops providing them with mental stimulation. In such a situation, it happens many times that there is no motivation left for the student to get more marks.

Solution: To deal with this, go for a family outing, watch a movie, or have a picnic from time to time. Buy good books, and keep telling the child about big personalities.

3- No consistency

According to experts, a student needs to study for at least 40 hours a week, including the hours spent in school, for good academic performance. It may be that for some reason the student is not regular in going to school, so because of this, his marks may come down.

Solution: Maintain regularity. Leave should not be allowed for useless reasons.

4- Overconfidence

Everyone must have heard the story of the tortoise and the hare. Smart kids score fewer marks when they relax and their thinking is ‘I can never fail’, ‘I don’t need to take notes. Do not work hard because they may believe that they will obviously be successful.

Solution: This thinking of students can be corrected by getting the lesson of failure once.

5- Lack of discipline and time management

Discipline and time management are essential for success in any field. In today’s time, students have more work to do than before, so time management is very important.

Solution: Parents should not put the burden of many activities on the child.

6- School exams are not a true test of intelligence

School exams are memory tests. First, you are taught and written something, then you are asked to memorize it. Then some questions are asked from the same memorized material. If seen in the true sense, the school examination is not the right test of intelligence.

Solution: School exams need to be made more comprehensive. The director and principal should take responsibility.

7- Exam Fear

I have seen many brilliant students trembling in the exam hall.

Many students cannot handle the pressure of being judged for a few minutes in the same exam and their health starts deteriorating. Sweating in their palms before the exam, nervousness, dizziness, etc. are all examples of exam fear.

Solution: It is necessary to build this thinking that performance in the exam system is not the end of life.

8- Negligence

Answer sheets do not prove the intelligence of a person. Many students make spelling mistakes or careless mistakes due to nervousness or haste. Students have trouble remembering long, complicated definitions. It is also a difficult task to write a complete description within the word limit and time. Many students fail to write the answers as per the instructions given in the paper.

Solution: Proper counseling of students can be done by practicing the mock tests.

9- bad handwriting

Some children’s handwriting is naturally bad, due to which marks come less despite being smart.

Solution: Handwriting improvement classes can be arranged, and the child can be explained that this is going to be a life-long asset.